The new album, INTER, is available now.

I am incredibly proud to announce that the new Blind With Rain album, "Inter", is available now for immediate download at for a "pay-what-you-want" price point. I will appreciate anything you offer and understand that some of you may have to choose the lowest monetary value. You will not be judged by me–I am truly happy to have you all as supporters and fans. The album will be available through additional online distributers in the coming weeks, as well as on streaming services such as Spotify. Since 90% of you support me via a digital model these days, there are no immediate plans of releasing a physical version of the album. If you want one, please express your interest in the comments below. If there is enough interest I will try to accommodate the demand.

I'm sure you all have heard of a labor of love. Well, this album became a labor of insanity. I have been working on this new Blind With Rain, vocal-driven album off-and-on since 2010. Some tracks have close to thirty revisions each, and I have made additional tweaks to some of the songs as recent as yesterday evening. This album was so close-to-my-heart and necessary for me to make that I even pulled it from my loyal mastering engineer's hands so I could have additional time on the mixes and have complete creative control.

It might not live up to your standards, and there will always be things about it I wish were better or different…but therapeutically speaking, it is exactly the album I wanted to make. The theme of the album addresses my emotions and state-of-mind between 2010 and 2014 when my family experienced (to my best estimate) thirteen deaths. Most to old age, some to disease, one to an accident, two to addiction…and one to suicide. The latter is the topic I would like to touch upon the most and assure you that I am well and that I do not condone or romanticize the notion of taking your own life. Track three addresses a very serious issue that affected me for quite some time and I used music as a way to work through my feelings and to take on the persona in the song of someone who made an unfortunate decision. I want to acknowledge that we all go through some shit in our lives, but life is precious so if you feel like things are that bad, reach out to someone and talk things out.

Ok, enough of that. I hope you enjoy the album.

As always…thanks for listening.