Announcing the New Release from Blind With Rain, "Sanctus Luna."

Blind With Rain - Sanctus Luna

A few months ago I was approached by an independent filmmaker to score a documentary on a Boston artist. For reasons beyond everyone’s control, the film went over-budget and was shut-down.

This left me with 12 homeless instrumental tracks that were written with the intention of being background accompaniment to mostly narrative film situations. I was truthfully apprehensive about doing much at all with these subdued songs. But while finishing the final track sequence I discovered that I’d developed a real affinity for them. What started out as a “work project” had actually become more than that.

Even though I promised the next Blind With Rain album would be returning to more of the industrial sound, I have decided to move forward with the release of this instrumental album (titled, Sanctus Luna). I feel that this collection of songs stands on its own even without it being a companion piece to a movie. It is my hope that you will enjoy it, and maybe it will even live up to its original purpose as a soundtrack for some of your coming days.