blind with rain 2013

Isolation (instrumental)

This is an instrumental track I composed back in 2010 for The Cosmonaut movie. I think this track made it onto the alternate soundtrack for the film (a different BWR track was chosen for the movie itself). But I think this should be an unheard piece of music for most of you…against the backdrop of New York City.


It has been a while since I have written any semblance of a blog entry (quite the understatement actually). There hasn’t been much to say. If I’m counting correctly, I have lost six family members since the release of theA Transmission of Data in the Staticalbum. That fact alone has bottled me up creatively for a good while. Now, I’m not saying I have it bad - - I really don’t. Nor am I seeking any attention or sympathy. I’m just trying to illustrate where my head has been at for the last few years.

Yes, I have released projects that succeeded that aforementioned album - - collections of music that I am still quite proud of. But in hindsight, I realize now that these releases have been (welcomed) distractions. I haven’t been putting my focus into the music I really want to make, which can be best defined as an extension of the sound I created on The Chemical Window and A Transmission of Data in the Static.

I haven’t avoided writing completely. But the dozen false starts that manifested over the last couple of years have been either unfocused, without growth, or even worse…lacking passion.

However, these last two months have proven fruitful. For the first time in quite a while I actually feel inspired and am excited about the future of Blind With Rain. Even though the next release is still in its infancy, I feel like I have a solid and defined path in place.

As soon as I have something audible to share, I will…

Thanks for being patient,