These last few weeks...

These last few weeks have been filled with composing a score for an independent filmmaker’s short-film focusing on a Boston artist.

If I’m being vague it’s purposeful. I have to maintain a level of respect until things have progressed more on his end. Shooting doesn’t even wrap up until this weekend from what I understand…so I’m guessing it will be a couple of months until things see the light of day.

This scoring project derailed me from working on new songs for the next Blind With Rain release, but it was a welcome distraction. I’ve been wanting to get into film scoring for the last several years. Growing up, 75% of the music I listened to were film scores, so this genre has always been an important part of my life. It is exciting for me to finally be able to get my feet wet in this field. The whole process has been quite rewarding particularly on an inspirational level.

This score was a challenge in the sense that most of the tracks had to be downplayed and subdued.  Being a documentary, there are a lot of narrative and interview segments that the music can’t compete with. Therefore, I found a lot of the variation from track-to-track relied more on unique atmospheric elements opposed to structure or melody.  Currently, the score sits at 12 tracks. There will be more tweaking that needs to be done, and possibly more pieces to compose. But when listened to as a whole, I feel this collection of music paints an emotional, eerie and ambient backdrop. I hope you as a listener can experience this feeling as well.

Also, late last year I was asked to compose & submit a track for a independent Russian film. This project has evidently had a few hiccups, but I am assured it is still on track. Again, the vagueness is intentional and I apologize for that.

I’m itching to get back to writing proper songs for the next Blind With Rain release. I promise, as soon as a new track is 100% finished and polished I’ll share. I know it’s been a while.